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Delicatessens (delis) in Port Jefferson, NY

Updated Aug 13 2011 02:09 PM EST with 13 listings
This page lists your local deli. Our directory includes kosher delis, top delis and famous delis.

Frandy's Waterfront Deli

109 W Broadway., Port Jefferson NY 11777 Tel 631-473-9270

P J Harbor Deli

156 W Broadway., Port Jefferson NY 11777 Tel 631-473-9464

Pirates Cove Deli

Country style breakfasts, hot and cold sandwiches, and take out, located in a building that's been serving food for over 100 years.
156 W Broadway., Port Jefferson NY 11777 Tel 631-331-5877
E-mail:; Website:

Port Plaza Deli

1104 Route 112, Port Jefferson Station NY 11776 Tel 631-928-5528

Tudor Village Deli

1320 Stony Brook Rd., Stony Brook NY 11790 At the Coventry Mall, Tel 631-751-7327
Fax: 631-751-7362

Upper Main Deli

Traditional Spanish American style meals
1600 Main St., Port Jefferson NY 11776 Tel 631-474-3591

Varsity Delicatessan & Gourmet Catering

1079 Rt. 25A, Stony Brook NY 11790 Tel 631-751-7211
Fax: 631-751-7215

Wunderbar Deli

148 Hallock Ave., Port Jefferson Station NY 11776 Tel 631-473-8004
Fax: 631-473-0669

Delicatessens and Groceries (4 listings total)

A & S Italian Pork Store

4747 Nesconset Hwy., Port Jefferson Station NY 11776 Tel 631-928-4422

Harbor Corner Kitchen

Sandwiches and delicatessens
109 West Broadway, Port Jefferson NY 17777 Tel 631-474-9300
Fax: 631-474-9268

IB Foods

European style marketplaces offering a variety of international and gourmet foods including prime meats, freshly caught seafood, abundant fresh produce and imported delicacies from around the world.
E-mail:; Website:

Stony Brook Garden Deli

2460 Nesconset Hwy., Stony Brook NY 11790 Tel 631-689-6139

Kosher Delis (1 listings total)

Ben's Deli

Traditional cuisine of Jewish & Eastern Europe heritage in restaurant, delicatessen and catering
Fax 516-933-9221
Main Office: 516-933-9200; Website: