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Music Shops in Port Jefferson, NY

Updated Aug 13 2011 02:09 PM EST with 4 listings
Includes the few (big box) stores carrying cds and DVDs as well as the smaller niche music stores carrying LP vinyl records, cd's, tapes, dvd's and mp3's as well as those focused on a specific gendre such as Broadway, classical, or hip-hop or imported CDs.

Borders Books & Music

2130 Nesconset Hwy., Stony Brook NY 11790 Tel 631-979-0500

Music Stores (3 listings total)

Best Buy

Long Island NY music store with large variety of music movie entertainment products from the latest CDs and DVDs to musical instruments, Napster music downloads and more.
Tel 888-237-8289

For Your Entertainment

Music, DVD/VHS, games, electronics, software and books.

Listen Here

650 Route 112, Port Jefferson Station NY 11776 Tel 631-474-0167