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Post Offices in Port Jefferson, NY

Updated Aug 13 2011 02:09 PM EST with 6 listings

Port Jefferson Post Office - 11777

Lobby Hours: Mo-Fr 10am-4pm, Sa 9am-12pm
407 East Main Rd., Port Jefferson NY 11777 Tel 631-473-2751
Fax: 631-928-4632

Port Jefferson Station Post Office - 11776

Lobby Hours: Mo-Fr 9am-5pm, Sa 9am-1pm
544 Jefferson Plaza, Port Jefferson Station NY 11776 Tel 631-473-2751
Fax: 631-474-9769

Setauket Post Office - 11733

Lobby Hours: Mo-Fr 9am-4pm (12pm-1pm), Sa 9am-12pm
101 Main St., Setauket NY 11733 Tel 631-941-4042
Fax: 631-689-2173

Stony Brook Post Office - 11790

Lobby Hours: Mo-Fr 9am-5pm, Sa 9am-1pm
129 Main St., Stony Brook NY 11790 Tel 631-751-5691
Fax: 631-246-8241

Stony Brook SUNY Post Office - 11794

Lobby Hours: Mo-Fr 9am-3pm
100 Nicolls Rd., Stony Brook NY 11794 Fax 631-246-8241
Tel: 631-751-0032

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